Paul Ryan/Tom Price/GOP *do* plan to throw grandma off a cliff…after picking her pocket.

Five years ago, a PAC called “The Agenda Project” released a TV ad, warning that GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan had a plan to wipe out the current Medicare system, voucherize it with a plan where seniors would be given a flat dollar voucher amount and thrown to the wolves of a deregulated private insurance market.  Well surprise …

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McCain, Graham, Schumer, Reed Joint Statement on Reports That Russia Interfered with the 2016 Election

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), Senate Democratic Leader-elect, and Jack Reed (D-RI), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services released the following joint statement today in response to news reports on the CIA’s analysis of Russian interference with the 2016 election:

“For years, foreign adversaries have directed cyberattacks at America’s physical, economic, and military infrastructure, while stealing our intellectual property. Now our democratic institutions have been targeted. Recent reports of Russian interference in our election should alarm every American.

“Congress’s national security committees have worked diligently to address the complex challenge of cybersecurity, but recent events show that more must be done.  While protecting classified material, we have an obligation to inform the public about recent cyberattacks that have cut to the heart of our free society. Democrats and Republicans must work together, and across the jurisdictional lines of the Congress, to examine these recent incidents thoroughly and devise comprehensive solutions to deter and defend against further cyberattacks.

“This cannot become a partisan issue. The stakes are too high for our country. We are committed to working in this bipartisan manner, and we will seek to unify our colleagues around the goal of investigating and stopping the grave threats that cyberattacks conducted by foreign governments pose to our national security.”


Press Contact … Dustin Walker – (202) 224-2575

Wow! My Response from a Seriously Partisan Member of “The Electors”

The other day, I came across a link to a website that asked citizens to email members of the Electoral College with their concerns, so I did so.  Here’s the content of my brief email stating my concerns:

Dear Electors: 

My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx from Winnemucca, NV. (Name withheld — I don’t need any death threats from the wrong-wing)

Given that:
— Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationwide
— The CIA has found that there was collusion between Russia and WikiLeaks to influence the election to assure an election for Donald Trump
— Trump has not released his taxes so citizens can see to whom he is indebted which may influence actions he might take based on that indebtedness
— Trump appears intent on not putting his business empire in a bona fide blind trust to assure citizens across this nation that he will act in our country’s best interests, and not just his own
— Trump is staffing up his cabinet with Goldman/Sachs financiers and Generals as though he might be planning some type of coup to usurp our nation’s commons for himself and his buddies of the 1%

I, therefore, urge you to cast your vote on 12/19/2016 for Hillary Clinton, who won the national popular vote by a significant margin. If you are unable to see your way to do that, then I urge you to consider voting for the one leader who may clearly have bi-partisan support throughout our nation — Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden Jr., our nation’s current Vice President.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.

While I got a number of “bounce notices” … apparently a number of electors promptly deleted their email accounts … I did get a seriously partisan reply from a Texas elector by the name of Alex Kim.  Here’s his return response:

DISCLOSURE: By responding to this email you are waiving your right to any privacy or remedy. By responding to this email, for the consideration of me reading your email, you are giving consent for me to publish, disseminate, or otherwise distribute any information contained for any purposes I deem appropriate. If you do not consent to this condition, then do not reply.

Thank you for writing.

I am receiving about 4,000 emails a day so I have set this to an auto-response.

You should know that I have no interest in Hillary Clinton becoming our next President. I reject the Democratic Party principles and I reject Hillary Clinton.

I will not do anything that will open a path for HRC to become our next President.

There is no such thing as a national popular vote. The only vote that matters to me as a Texas Elector is the Texas vote.

We are not a democracy, we are a republic, for good cause.

We all have differing opinions and I respect your part in the political process, but frankly, since I am a Texas elector, the political opinions of non-Texas voters means nothing to me. I do not vote or get involved in your state, I am not sure why you are trying to interfere in mine. As an American citizen, your voice should be able to be heard by all, so I have this email address available, but I owe no duty to any non-Texan.

I encourage you to be active in the political process where your vote matters.

Finally, I will not vote for a 3rd candidate. A 3rd candidate only opens the door for HRC to enter the White House through the House of Representatives. I will do nothing to enable HRC to become President of the United States, no matter how remote the chances are.

Best Regards,


Elector, Texas Congressional District 24

(Note: bolded emphasis is mine)

Now that, my friends, is some serious partisanship.  Clearly Mr. Kim is more willing to flush our nation down the toilet or hand it over to Vladimir Putin than to consider anything from anyone who doesn’t conform to the Republican mold of the way things need to be!  If we want to take people like this out of our political process, then WE need to get off our butts and make that happen.

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