Senator Reid to Face Off with Sharron Angle in General Election

With the primary behind us, we begin our campaign toward the general election in November, and we now know that Senator Reid will be facing one of Nevada’s most extreme public figures, Sharron Angle. For Nevada voters, the choice of who should be representing Nevada’s citizens couldn’t be clearer, and it’s not Ms. Angle.

  • She aligns her political views with those of the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.
  • Despite the fact that you and your employer have paid into social security on your behalf, she wants to phase it out and privatize it.
  • Similarly, even though you and your employer have paid medicare taxes throughout your working career, she wants to privatize Medicare.
  • She’s against any legislation that would further regulate the financial industry and believes that existing regulations cripple the financial industry and should be lifted.
  • She believes there is ‘nothing’ good in the Health Care Reform bill and believes the bill as a whole should be repealed and scrapped.
  • As a Nevada assemblywoman from 1998 to 2006, she drafted legislation in 2002 that would have created a demonstration ‘second chance’ drug rehabilitation program, which included massage and sauna treatments.
  • She apparently believes that we live in the United States of Stepford, that women should not work and that they should stay at home with their children, even though economically, that’s just not an option for most Nevadans (as well as most Stepfordian’s, for that matter).

While she may be heavily supported by a national Tea Party movement that wants to make this a national election, her fellow Republicans call her “wacky” and her legislative peers, at the time, voted her Nevada’s worst legislator in 1999 (her LV Review Journal Report Card sported a romping stomping D+). This race should be about what’s best for Nevada, not what’s extremely impractical.

Senator Reid continues to fight, as he has throughout his career, for all Nevadans. More specifically …

  • He has led the fight for job-creating investments in clean energy, including the transmission line from northern to southern Nevada.
  • He secured environmental studies and followed through to ensure those studies accurately assessed the true environmental and water table impacts a mega-dump might have on the communities upwind of and downstream of the proposed Jungo Road Landfill.
  • He secured $500,000 for the McDermitt Combined School for technology innovation, including laptops for all of the school’s students. [FY2001]
  • He delivered $108,000 for the Wildfire Support Group [FY2008] to help plan fuels management on private land, along with an additional $269,000 [FY2010].
  • He saved the jobs of more than 20,000 workers at City Center in Las Vegas, after the banks threatened to shut down the project.
  • He secured $600 million for the veterans’ hospital in Las Vegas.
  • He killed the proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain.
  • He made protecting Lake Tahoe a national priority.

In tough economic times, Senator Reid can leverage his position as the Majority Leader of the United States Senate to create clean energy jobs in Nevada and give our state a strong voice at the negotiating table.

Harry Reid is working to support Nevada’s working families. It’s our turn to help support Harry in ensuring he’s returned to the Senate to continue that effort. Join us at our monthly meetings and make a commitment to help re-elect Harry Reid. We meet each month on the second Tuesday of each month (except this month because the Primary Election took precedence and we shifted to the third Tuesday in July.)

For more information on Senator Reid’s campaign, please visit Harry Reid’s website. While you’re there, make your voice heard by signing up to support his campaign.