One Angle Too Many

On Education:

Gov. Tim Kaine, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, last week joined local educators and students in Las Vegas and Reno to discuss Sharron Angle’s agenda to kill the Department of Education.  If elected, she would work to put Nevada’s young adults in the unemployment line by ending federal financial aid programs that keep them in college, and end the popular Millennium Scholarship program.

Angle has also said she would have voted against the Recovery Act, which brought more than $445 million in education funding to Nevada and saved 3,500 education jobs, and $83 million in emergency funding that recently saved 1,400 education jobs.

“Even other Republicans disagree with Sharron Angle’s position that would scrap the Millennium Scholarship.  Even they know this popular program has been the gateway to higher education and success in life for more than 20,000 Nevada students.

**Listen to audio of Angle saying she would “lose” the Millennium Scholarship, here and here **

Angle’s Vision for Nevada:

Sharron Angle’s vision for Nevada is just too extreme and won’t bode well for most working Nevadans.  She has so many wacky ideas for this state, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all.

To help us keep track of all those ideas, Nevada Democrats have released their own Web video to highlight some of her most extreme ideas for the future of this state and the nation, including:

  1. She called for the use of “Second Amendment remedies” if she doesn’t win at the ballot box. (audio)
  2. She voted to make Nevada a safe haven for domestic abusers.
  3. She said two parents working outside the home is wrong and unacceptable.
  4. She called unemployed Nevadans “spoiled.” [ 1 ]
  5. She said Social Security and Medicare violate the “First Commandment.” (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 )

These extreme, dangerous ideas for our State aren’t gaffes. She did not misspeak. These are Sharron Angle’s fundamental beliefs about the way our world should be. In Sharron Angle’s view,

  • That the separation of church and state is unconstitutional (debunk via the Desert Beacon)
  • Nevada would become the equivalent of Stepford, with women relegated to being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.
  • Domestic abusers should skate free.
  • The bullet box should be more powerful than the ballot box,
  • Neighbors and friends who have fallen on hard times should be left in the cold.
  • The Founders’ vision of separation of church and state should be tossed cavalierly aside in favor of legislating morality and religion.
  • The UN threatens our U.S. sovereignty, thus we need to withdraw and work solely with America’s willing allies.
  • Yucca Mountain should be used as a profitable center for reprocessing spent uranium (a technology that is costly with little to no return on the heavy investment required).
  • Regulations that prohibit off shore drilling, drilling in ANWR and development of American owned petroleum resources should be repealed.

Sharron Angle is so far out of the mainstream, she couldn’t find it with a map.  Nevada doesn’t need a female version of Jesse Helms. If you do nothing more this year, you need to get out and vote for Harry Reid.  We can’t afford to lose the influence he affords our state in his capacity as Senate Majority Leader.