Dairy Case Talking Points

Recently, Assemblyman Ed Goedhart released several press releases and a YouTube video critical of Senator Harry Reid for voting to open the milk order to Clark County more than 10 years ago.

You heard that right. Ten years ago.

The facts: In 1999, Senator Reid voted to pass legislation lifting Clark County from the milk order. Now Mr. Geodhart claims that this legislation hurt his dairy, the Ponderosa, yet he has never complained about it until now and in fact, was a supporter of the legislation at the time!

Summary: His argument has been called out by Jon Ralston, John L. Smith and others for being deliberate misrepresenting the facts for political gain. See below for more info.

Please take a moment to respond to as much of the media as possible. Also, consider submitting a letter to the editor of your local media on this topic or just expressing general support for Ron. If you need contact information, just let me know.

Talking Points:

  1. The legislation passed in 1999 but Goedhart never complained about it until this election period.
  2. At the time of the original legislative proposal, Goedhart was in FAVOR of it.
  3. Both then-State Senator Harry Reid and Sen. Richard Bryan voted to temporarily lift Clark County from the milk order in 1999. At the time, Clark County was the only county in Nevada covered by the milk order. The temporary lift was made permanent in 2006.
  4. As a result of the lifting of the federal milk order, a second dairy was established in Clark County called Meadow Gold, creating new jobs and sparking industry competition.
  5. For Republicans like Assemblyman Goedhart — who always talk about needing to get government out of the way and getting rid of regulation — to come back and complain about this reveals deeper motives.
  6. Two of the articles below (Jon Ralston-Sun and John L. Smith – LVRJ) are critical of Goedhart and call his distortion of the facts politically motivated.
  7. One need only take a look at Goedhart’s own website to see that prior to commenting on this issue, his last update was in January 2009. That’s right, almost two years ago.

Here’s the Links to Stories:

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  5. http://www.lasvegassun.com/blogs/ralstons-flash/2010/oct/01/former-state-official-says-dairyman-goedharts-atta/#comments
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOxm6RoFYT0&feature=related

Here’s some sample text. Please use it as a guide only! It’s imperative that you use your own words and convey that you’re a constituent and/or supporter.

Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that Mr. Goedhart is bringing up a 10-year old non-issue just as he comes up for re-election?

This milk issue is a complicated one that can be brought down to one simple, basic fact: Senator Harry Reid voted in favor of legislation that got government OUT OF THE WAY by removing Clark County from the milk order back in 1999. That provision was made permanent in 2006.

Thanks to Senator Reid’s vote on this issue, regulations and barriers to fair competition were REMOVED. Thanks to Harry Reid, another Clark County dairy (Meadow Gold) came into being. Thanks to Harry Reid, dairies are enjoying a level playing field that truly supports free market values. And thanks to Harry Reid, jobs were created as a result of opening up this market.

This issue is more than 10 years old, yet Goedhart has never complained about it until now. In fact, he originally supported it. Less government regulation and free market competition seem to be the Republican buzz words of the day – until a Democrat does it. And then it becomes something awful.

A strong representative for rural Nevada will stand up for what is right and true no matter which side of the election calendar they’re on. Mr. Goedhart is creating an issue where none exists to further fan the flames of political divide. Just as we need to keep Senator Reid, it’s time to say goodbye to Mr. Goedhart. Residents of rural Nevada need only look toward his opponent, Ron Hibble, for a man with substance, integrity, and a plan if they want their voice heard in Carson City.

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