Reid v. Angle on the Issues

Want to see how Senator Reid and Candidate Angle compare on the Issues?  Click the Issues link in the header above to read a lengthy summary of a large majority of the issues.  It includes statements made and voting record data (where available).  I had a hard time trying to find Assembly voting records for when Ms. Angle was in the Assembly … so if anyone can direct me to some good references … I’ll update her information to include some actual votes on issues.

For your neighbors and friend who might be persuadable voters, knowing something about their stances on various issues would be handy to know.  But more than that, you might want to ask them: “What kind of representation do you want?”

You might be saying, “huh”?  But, that’s one important consideration  you need to make before you make your ballot choices.  For example, do you want your representative to listen to you and then vote in Congress based on how the majority of his/her constituents believe he/she should vote?  Or, do you want to elect a representative who will vote the way he/she believes things should be regardless of how a majority of constituents might desire him/her to vote?

If your answer is YES to the first question, then you should be supporting Senator Reid.  If you answered YES to the second question, you are apparently supporting Ms. Angle.

Given Ms. Angle’s voting record in the Nevada Assembly, it’s quite apparent that she is pretty much incapable of any form of compromise.  It’s her way or the highway as evidenced by a wide consensus of her peers who claim that votes during her tenure in the NV Assembly were called “41-to-Angle” votes.  So, if your wishes differ from hers, chances are that she’ll vote her personal views regardless of what you or any other constituent might prefer for her to support.  After all, in her opinion, you elected her to represent you and therefore, she’ll vote as she sees fit based on her values and opinions about whatever is brought to the floor for a vote.

And, given her propensity to allow interviews only by sympathetic news organizations (FOX), it’s highly unlikely she will listen to concerns by any constituent who doesn’t espouse an identical view to hers.  Don’t bother to waste the ink to pen a letter, and don’t work yourself into carpal tunnel syndrome sitting at your keyboard sending one email after another to a Senator who will be blind to your perspective for anything she might disapprove of.

Ask your Angle-leaning friends and neighbors is that is truly what they want in their elected representative to the Congress.