It’s easy to debate when you make up facts

It was painful to watch the debate tonight between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. It was one of those performances that makes you want to throw things at the TV. The fact checkers are going to be working overtime tonight detailing the tall tales spewing from Angle’s mouth. The level of dishonesty was shocking.
But not to Angle. She has created a world where facts don’t matter. When she was recently confronted with the false claim that Dearborn, Michigan was under Sharia law, she said she had “read it somewhere.”
At first I was angered that someone in the running for the U.S. Senate could be so careless with the facts. I mean, if she were a Senator, would she just make up policy because she read some obscure website said it?
Then I thought, what a great defense! After all, I read somewhere that Sharron Angle is an illegal alien born on another planet and eats cats. Is it true? I guess, because I read it, or at least I will after I write it up for Wikipedia.
When you can create your own alternate reality, it sure makes debates easier. So, when Sen. Reid is trying to explain how the Social Security system works, Angle can claim that someone stole the $2.5 trillion in the trust fund and they need to put it back.
One can only hope that Nevadans are smart enough not to buy into this fantasy world she espouses, where if we just get rid of government, all of our children will get education, insurance companies will magically give policies to everyone, and oil companies will never short-change safety on their drilling rigs.
For Reid’s part, he tried to correct Angle’s lies, but the sheer volume of truthiness was more than anyone living in the reality-based world could withstand. He would have been forced to use all of his allocated minutes and then some to refute the misinformation.
So, boys and girls, if ethics aren’t a consideration and you find yourself in a political debate, then just make up your own facts. It’s a lot easier, until someone calls you on it.
It’s our duty, as citizens and Democrats, to take up the effort to expose Angle’s lies, over and over again, until the truth prevails. We have to talk to our friends and neighbors, showing them proof that Angle is perhaps the most dishonest politician to ever come this close to a federal office, and that’s saying something.
If we fail, then we will be stuck listening to these lies for the next six years.