This is it, get out the vote

After talking with some folks high up on the campaign organizations, there is growing optimism that Harry Reid can pull out a victory over Sharron Angle. But it all depends on turnout. Make sure all your friends and neighbors have voted, or find ways to get them to the polls. Don’t leave anyone behind. This election could very well be decided by just a few votes. Every vote counts. Get them out. Thanks.


One thought on “This is it, get out the vote

  1. Nancy Price November 2, 2010 / 11:20 am

    Thank you Vicki and all of you in the rurals. You all made campaigning around the state fun and welcoming. Thank you for establishing this site so we can stay connected. I sincerely hope this political climate never repeats itself. I was lucky Heller didn’t feel it necessary to spend his own money. So thanks to him too.


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