A Note from State Senator Steven Horsford

A good education is the cornerstone of opportunity for our kids and a strong economy for our state. So while our job creation bills are working their way to Governor Sandoval’s desk, we have focused on education reform.

Our schools need both reform and adequate funding. That’s why we introduced legislation that will make sure our kids are achieving, and give them extra help if they are falling behind.

  • We’re working on legislation that will establish reading skills centers at UNR and UNLV to provide extra help for students with reading problems.
  • Another piece of legislation creates a State Board of Charter Schools to ensure that students attending charter schools have the same kinds of opportunities that students in all of our public schools do, and to allow charter schools to innovate and become centers of educational excellence.
  • A third piece of legislation will evaluate how well Nevada is implementing national Common Core Standards in its classrooms, with particular focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) standards. Because families move between schools, establishing clear standards is increasingly important.

Our state’s future depends on strong schools, and we must face that future with courage and competence.

You can find out more about these bills and other legislation here.  Please stay up to date about the important decisions that are being made in Carson City, and encourage friends and family to do the same by joining my Facebook page.

Steven Horsford
Nevada Senate Majority Leader