Heller’s Out-of-Touch Agenda Would Hurt Nevada

This morning, Rep. Shelley Berkley held a conference call with Seniors across Nevada to highlight how Sen. Heller intends to vote this week to END Medicare for the second time (he already voted to end it while a member of the House).  Here’s the press release issued after that call:

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Las Vegas, NV – In anticipation of this week’s vote on the reckless Republican budget proposal in the Senate, Rep. Shelley Berkley held a conference call with seniors from across Nevada to discuss a new state-specific report detailing how appointed Senator Dean Heller’s plan to end Medicare will harm Nevada seniors.

Heller voted for the budget plan as a member of the House of Representatives and said he would be “proud” to vote for it again as an appointed member of the Senate.

“This week, the U.S. Senate will vote on Dean Heller’s reckless plan to end Medicare so he can pay for billions more in wasteful tax subsidies to Big Oil,” Berkley said.

“Dean Heller has said he is proud to be the only member of Congress to vote for this irresponsible plan twice.  With these votes, Dean Heller is making perfectly clear to Nevada seniors where his priorities are, and that is ending their Medicare so he can give billions more in tax giveaways to the Big Oil companies that fund his campaign.”

Berkley went on to highlight the clear choice Nevada faces in next year’s election.  “I am fighting to protect Nevada seniors from Dean Heller and Washington Republicans’ assault on their healthcare, while Dean Heller wants to end Medicare as we know it.”

Scott Watts from Carson City joined Berkley on the call, saying “it’s time for Dean Heller to come clean about his plan to end Medicare.  Nevada seniors cannot afford Dean Heller in the United States Senate.  He is not looking out for our interests.”

Carl Martinez from Las Vegas said the Heller/GOP budget “is going to be a disaster for our Medicare recipients and Congresswoman Berkley has been one of the strongest opponents,” of Heller’s plan to end Medicare as we know it.

Barbara Stone from Reno shared her story of how Medicare saved her life.  “Without Medicare, I wouldn’t be here, and what Dean Heller wants to do is absolutely ludicrious, we cannot survive on a voucher system.”

To view the report with Nevada specific numbers on how the Heller/GOP budget would detrimentally impact Nevada seniors, view here: