More on the GOP’s Anti-Jobs Agenda

This Congress, led by the Gang of Plunderers (GOP), is the most JOBS and worker-unfriendly Congress that we’ve seen since the 19th century. As the Desert Beacon pointed out in yesterday’s post, the GOP-led House, has yet to address any type of bill, let alone a comprehensive bill, addressing JOB creation.  As she so aptly points out, no jobs – no demand, leading to potentially even fewer jobs on the horizon, which will lead to even less demand.  The GOP, through their inaction, is contributing to a death spiral for jobs in this country.

Regardless, they’re oblivious to the declining demands.  They’re more interested in pillaging and waging cultural war on women, children and organized labor.  So instead of proposing bills addressing issues that would generate jobs, well, they’re going after their pet peeves instead.  Below are a few examples of recently introduced this jobs-related bills.  You’ll note the trend of these bills is not ‘creation’ … but ‘elimination’ instead.  Granted, these haven’t yet been voted upon, and have been referred to committee, but they should give you a hint of where the GOP just might plan to go next:

  • HR1779, the Federal Hiring Freeze Act, which would reduce the number of civil service positions within the executive branch.  Now this one is interesting.  This one affects only the President’s staff and restricts his ability to replace staff members while  the budget has a deficit, and thus his ability to get the job done for the American people.
  • HR2114 which would set attrition requirements such that the total number of federal employees, by the beginning of FY2015, must be no more than 90% of the number of employees on the Sept. 30, 2011 payroll and further that for every 3 employees leaving the payroll, ONLY 1 can be replaced.
  • HR2118 would amend the National Labor Relations Act to prevent the NLRB from bringing a law against a state that is in violation of the NLRB act.  Instead of invoking the wrath of workers by using the word ‘repeal’ … they’ll attempt to make it generally ineffective.
  • HR2137 which would give you an unemployment ‘voucher’ that you can transfer to an employer.  That employer can then draw up to 90% of your remaining unemployment compensation to an employer who hires you as a bribe to hire you. Of course, we all know how that story will end. As soon as the unemployment comp runs out, you’ll again be let go, only this time because the way the bill is worded, the employer having consumed your unemployment comp, there will be absolutely NOTHING for you to draw.
  • HR2145, the No Union Dues Deductions from Federal Employee Pay Act, which would prohibit all Federal agencies from deducting union dues from the paychecks of federal workers.
  • HR2153, the Truth in Employment Act of 2011, which would amend the National Labor Relations Act to protect employer rights by allowing them the right to refuse to hire workers who would be sympathetic to organizing efforts.

And not jobs-related, but near and dear to every working American’s heart:

  • HR2109, the ‘Savings Account for Every American Act’ which would replace and privatize Social Security. With all the huff about the Anthony Weiner scandal, that one flew completely under everybody’s radar.
  • HR2018, which would replace the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection with the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on the FDIC Board of Directors.  This one kind of begs the question, ‘just how badly can the GOP hate the effectiveness of Elizabeth Warren?’
There is one highlight, however, that has been proposed by the GOP that I’m looking forward to passage, as should most Americans.  Many public servants (e.g., police officers, etc.) whose employment is terminated for cause (not just convicted of a felony), loose their accrued retirement benefits as part of that termination process.  HR2162 would deny retirement benefits accrued by an individual as a Member of Congress if such individual is convicted of certain offenses.  If passed, and if former Senator Ensign is convicted, that would mean he would lose his retirement benefits.  As far as I’m concerned this one should go a bit further and include “expulsion from Congress” as a condition under which retirement benefits should be denied.
The above bills have been proposed and are currently in committee.  They haven’t yet come out of committee for a vote on the House floor and for all intents and purposes, could die in committee.  But, given the GOP’s propensity to support big business at the expense of workers, and the GOP’s zeal to repeal the social safety net for ordinary Americans, it’s likely a few of these bills, if not all those I’ve listed will make it to the floor.  If you have something to say about these bills, you can use PopVox to send your comments directly to your Representative.  You can also peruse PopVox to see what others are saying about various bills under consideration to help you frame up your response.

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