Will Heller Pander to the Right-Wing and Vote for Default?

August 1, 2011
Contact: Zach Hudson, Comm. Dir., NSDP
(702) 737-8683

Unelected Senator has not said whether he will vote to prevent a financial meltdown…

Las Vegas, NV – With the Senate set to vote on the bipartisan, compromise legislation to prevent the United States from defaulting on it’s financial obligations, unelected Senator Dean Heller has not yet indicated how he will vote on the legislation.
So the question is:  will Heller vote to appease his TEA Party base who don’t believe that a default would devastate Nevada by leading to massive job losses, seniors and veterans not receiving their benefits and skyrocketing interest rates on credit cards, home mortgages and auto loans

“Considering Dean Heller has already voted multiple times to kill Medicare, gut Social Security, and destroy nearly a million American jobs, it wouldn’t be surprising if he continues trying to appease his extreme TEA Party base by voting to default,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Nevada cannot afford a Heller-induced stock market crash.  Dean Heller has a choice: will he be responsible and vote to prevent the U.S. from defaulting or will he continue play to his right-wing base?”

Background on how a default could impact Nevada:

  •  408,113 Nevada seniors would have been in danger of having their Social Security benefits disrupted
  •  340,198 Nevada seniors who rely on Medicare could have had their benefits in jeopardy
  •  243,867 Nevada veterans would have been at risk of having their benefits disrupted
  • 1,374 of Nevada’s active duty and reserve troops could have stopped receiving pay checks