Hey Mitt, Corporations are NOT ‘People’

Who does the GOP think they represent?   Well, Mitt just spilled the beans!

Mitt Romney’s assertion that “corporations are people” is not only wrong, but represents the kind of thinking and Tea Party economics that threaten to keep our economy stagnating, keep the wealth gap in this country widening and keep an already heavily burdened middle class struggling! 

Romney’s remark was hardly a misstep or a mis-speak.  This is what he believes as he persisted in arguing his case that corporations ARE people because corporate profits end up “in the pockets” of people. Yes, Governor, some corporate profits end up in the pockets of an ever-shrinking number of people who control an ever-growing portion of our nation’s wealth … and some end up going to SuperPACs like the ones who are collecting massive corporate donations to support your campaign. And, of course, not enough of those profits are being taxed — so we know where they are certainly not going, and working families are bearing an unfair proportion of the tax burden because of it.

Speak out against this. Romney, like other members of the GOP cause millions of corporate dollars to flow into buying elections and eliminating workers’ rights, safety regulation and environmental controls.