5 Million Voters …

by Guy Cecil, DSCC

The New York Times just reported on a brand new study on Republican voter suppression tactics, and its findings are worse than any of us could have imagined.

According to the report, 5 MILLION voters – more than decided the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections – could be affected by this coordinated GOP effort to skew the 2012 elections. Not surprisingly, the suppression effort specifically targets traditionally Democratic voters. The road to the Senate and the White House runs right through the affected states – Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, Virginia – even California.

The GOP strategy is simple: Suppress the vote, win the election. The loss of these votes would be more than enough to lose the Senate – and the White House. If Republicans succeed, they will get just what they’re seeking – complete and total control of Washington.

That’s why we’re launching the 2012 Election Protection Project, and we need you to stand with us. 150,000 signatures will send a strong message to Republicans that we will not allow them to suppress the vote and manipulate their way to victory. No way, no how.

The DSCC is leading the effort to prevent this attempt to change the outcome of the 2012 elections. In Florida, the DSCC formally requested that the Department of Justice do what it could to stop this. We’re also keeping these developments in mind as we build our campaign strategy. The GOP’s efforts will make our voter outreach more important, and more expensive, in 2012 than ever before.

The truth is, we’re David in this fight against Goliath. The Koch Brothers and their corporate allies bankroll the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC – the powerful organization that has pushed these voter-suppression measures.

You can bet that when we push back against these voter-suppression tactics, the retaliation will be fierce. That’s why we need you to join the 2012 Election Protection Project. Republicans need to know that they’re not going to get away with changing election outcomes by preventing poor voters, young voters and African Americans from casting ballots.

As always, thanks for adding your name and for standing with us. We’ll keep you updated as news develops.