Republicans Block Another Obama Jobs Bill

November 3, 2011
Contact: Zach Hudson, Comm. Dir., NSDP
(702) 737-8683

President’s Jobs Bill Would Have Put 3,300 Nevadans Back to Work

Number of President’s Jobs Bills GOP Has Blocked: 3

Las Vegas, NV – Washington Republicans again demonstrated that job-creation is not their priority today as they blocked President Barack Obama’s latest job creation legislation that would have put approximately 3,000 Nevadans back on the job rebuilding the state’s bridges, road and dams.

This is the third jobs bill that Washington Republicans have blocked.  The Rebuild America Jobs Act would immediately invest $250 million in Nevada’s transportation infrastructure. Despite these proposals having broad bipartisan support in the past, Senate Republicans have once again put politics ahead of Nevada’s unemployed and blocked the essential job creation legislation from passing.

“Washington Republicans had an opportunity today to put partisan politics aside and vote for President Obama’s job creation legislation that would create nearly 3,300 Nevada jobs by investing in 21st century roads, bridges and dams,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Nevada continues to suffer from the highest unemployment rate in the country and today’s vote again makes clear to Nevadans that Republicans in Washington are focused on anything besides jobs.  While President Obama is committed to getting Nevadans back to work, Republicans like Mitt Romney are more focused on their ideological agenda to kill Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies.”