Defending Reproductive Rights

Earlier this week, Personhood USA spokesperson Walter Hoye finally admitted what we’ve long known about Mississippi’s “personhood” amendment:

If it passes, abortion would be outlawed, and so would widely used forms of birth control.

Mississippi voters will decide whether the state’s constitution should consider a fertilized egg a person next Tuesday—and we cannot allow this attack on women’s health to succeed.

Pledge to stand with Mississippi women and against this assault on health and constitutional rights!

When NPR’s Diane Rehm asked Hoye about the extent of the amendment, he said: “Any birth control that ends the life of a human being will be impacted by this measure.”

And because the language of this amendment defines a fertilized egg as a human being, the ban would include IUDs, all forms of emergency contraception, the birth control shot, and some forms of the pill. As if that were not enough, the amendment would go much further:

  • Putting doctors and women at risk of criminal prosecution for doing nothing more than engaging in routine OB-GYN care.
  • Potentially halting many forms of infertility treatment—including IVF.
  • Opening women to potential criminal prosecution for suffering miscarriages.

Doctors and medical associations across the state of Mississippi and beyond are united in opposing this measure because of the grave danger it poses to women’s health. Anyone concerned with protecting our constitutional rights against erosion at the hands of an extremist minority should be united in opposition as well.

Pledge to stand with Mississippi voters TODAY by saying NO to “Initiative 26.”

Plain and simple, the Mississippi personhood amendment is a direct assault not only on women’s health, but also on the constitutional rights we are all guaranteed.

But you can take heart in this: We will challenge this amendment in court if it passes, and we will defend the rights of women across the state of Mississippi and beyond.

the Center for Reproductive Rights