Nader on Grayson: “Utterly Courageous”

Today, legendary consumer advocate and activist Ralph Nader joins the Grayson Campaign’s  “Money Bomb – 1 Year Until Victory”.  Ralph Nader gave us safe cars, healthy food, clean air and clean water, and a sense of our own power when we are united. This is what Ralph Nader wants you to know about Alan Grayson:

He’s supposed to be a “representative” — and he is, unlike so many of his colleagues  when he was in the House, who were representing Big Business. They were representing the corporate lobbyists. They were representing everything but the folks back home, because they wanted the money to get reelected.

Alan Grayson will fight against any rollback of the gains that The People have fought for, for decades. That means Social Security. That means a broader embrace of Medicare. That means fighting corporate fraud on the taxpayer. That means the kind of interests you want, to give you voice in Washington D.C. And here’s what’s important about all this:

If you look at yourself as a worker, he’ll represent the interests of working families, in concrete measures, when he gets back to the House of Representatives.

If you don’t want to be ripped off as a consumer, by banks and insurance companies and all the credit card shenanigans and defective products and contaminated food, Alan Grayson is right there, fighting for you.

If you think of yourself as a beleaguered, small taxpayer, he is a real fighter against the Super Rich and the corporations, who basically want to be increasingly tax-exempt, because of their tax shelters, their tax loopholes, and all the ways that they corrode our national legislature on Capitol Hill.

If you want to think of yourself as a parent, and you want to bequeath a better country to future generations, Alan Grayson is the man for that. He is utterly courageous. He does not have marbles in his mouth. And he will fight for you, for the long range.


Ralph Nader

See the video, and please contribute TODAY to our “1 Year Until Victory” Money Bomb. As Ralph Nader says, we need Alan Grayson in Congress, fighting for us.  If you believe Alan Grayson represents YOUR values, please click on that CONTRIBUTE button below. Whatever you give, large or small, every dollar counts and will help put one more person working diligently to support what you value back in the House of Representatives.