Water Grab Case Cresting

The fight over the water grab pipeline proposed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority is coming to a crest.

Right now the State Engineer Jason King is taking public comment on whether to grant the SNWA the rights to drain water from White Pine County and Lincoln County in Northern Nevada and pipe it hundreds of miles South to Southern Nevada.

This is the same pipeline that has had its price tag increased from an initial $1 billion estimate to a staggering $15 billion (this number coming from the SNWA itself!).  Experts predict the pipeline could result in a tripling of water bills for Southern Nevada residents.

This pipeline wouldn’t  just put an enormous burden on the wallets of southern Nevadans; it would also put a huge burden on the Great Basin communities in northern Nevada. You see, the SNWA’s plan is to pump 50 billion gallons of water each year from the basin.  That could mean lesser opportunities for growth and expansion in the North because of the water-grab to the south.

The Great Basin cannot support southern Nevada’s never-ending thirst for water.

Tell the State Engineer we do NOT need this $15 billion water grab pipeline.