Keeping the Pressure on Congress to Pass the President’s Jobs Plan

— by James Kvaal, Policy Director, Obama for America

I’d like to share a video with you. It features Mike McCarry, a 59-year-old veteran who juggles two jobs to make ends meet.

Mike talks about the veterans portion of President Obama’s jobs plan — the piece that Congress passed earlier this month thanks in part to your work, and that the President signed into law today.

But the fight for American jobs continues, and many in Congress — including almost every single Republican — still refuse to do the right thing for teachers, cops, firefighters, and middle-class families like they did for our vets.

It can be easy to get discouraged when members of Congress put party before people and block legislation that would help American families.

But you didn’t let up in the fight for our veterans’ future. The bill that went to the President’s desk for his signature today — which provides tax credits for small businesses that hire unemployed veterans — is proof that Congress can still come together and act when Americans demand it.

Here’s what’s next:  After Thanksgiving, the Senate will vote on extending President Obama’s payroll tax cut, which puts $1,500 in the pockets of the typical middle-class family.

It’s the provision that Mitt Romney called a “little band-aid.” But $1,500 wouldn’t be a band-aid for me or Mike McCarry — and probably not for you either.

Our job right now is to make sure Congress does the right thing again.

Share this video with friends and family and encourage them to keep the pressure on.