Nearly 59,000 Registered Voters Moved to Inactive Status in December

January 9, 2012
Contact: Catherine Lu, Public Information Officer
(702) 486-6982 / 334-7953

(Carson City, NV; January 9, 2012) — Secretary of State Ross Miller today released December 2011 voter registration numbers showing 58,555 registered Nevada voters were moved to inactive status, due largely to Clark County performing voter registration list maintenance pursuant to federal and state law.

The elections division reports that 27,933 active Democratic voters and 14,922 active Republican voters were moved to inactive status. At the end of December, 395,845 active Republicans and 446,679 active Democrats are registered in Nevada. In all, the total number of active voters in December is 56,832 less than in November.

Voters are moved from active to inactive status after being mailed a forwardable notice with a return postcard to provide updated address information to the county clerk, and the voter fails to return the postcard within 30 days. Pursuant to Nevada and federal law, inactive voters are still eligible to vote and can return to active status if they affirm their new voter registration information and vote by the second general election after the date of the notice.

The latest voter registration breakdown by county, party, age, and district can be found under the Election Center at


Note:  Have you changed name/address since the last election?  You might want to update your voter registration status to assure your eligibility to vote in this year’s elections (both primary and general).