This Saturday’s Caucus

This Saturday, January 21, Democrats are gathering together in communities all across Nevada to show their support for President Obama, our Democratic candidates, and make a powerful statement to the GOP that we’re going to keep fighting for Nevada’s middle class. I hope you’ll commit to joining them – click here to find a gathering place near your home.

Four years ago, Nevadans joined together just like we will on Saturday. The 2008 Nevada Caucuses were crucial to achieving the historic legislative accomplishments that have moved our country forward.

Thanks to your hard work, we passed comprehensive health care reform – giving countless Americans the ability to see a doctor, filling the “donut hole” that impacted so many of our seniors, and allowing millions of young adults just starting out to stay insured. We passed Wall Street Reform to combat the widespread corporate irresponsibility that so badly damaged our economy. And throughout these past four years, we’ve kept fighting to improve the economy for working families in Nevada and across the country.

All of that because folks just like you showed up in 2008 – so I want to urge you to show up this Saturday and help ensure another four years of big accomplishments for our country.

All the best — Sen. Harry Reid