Hey Clear Channel — Cancel the Rush Limbaugh Show!

It’s time for Rush Limbaugh to face the consequences for being a mouthpiece for the right-wing war on women.

The First Amendment gives Rush the right to say whatever he wants, but that doesn’t make it right for him to have a national megaphone to spew his hate. It’s time for Clear Channel to make it clear that they will no longer profit from Rush’s vicious attacks on women.

Add your name to my petition to Clear Channel to cancel The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Clear Channel pays Rush $50 million a year for this garbage. But with sponsors fleeing Rush’s show left and right — 50 of them so far — it’s clear that our voices are having an impact on the bottom line of corporations across the country.

These companies are realizing that it doesn’t pay to do business with Rush Limbaugh. And it’s time for Clear Channel to follow suit. Our grassroots effort has helped to strip the economic foundation out from under Rush. Now, if we keep the pressure on, we can force Clear Channel to turn off his microphone for good.

Add your name today! Then, please share our petition with your friends (and your co-workers!) on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your help,


P.S.:  Oh … apparently ‘unelected’ Dean Heller has yet another ‘un’ to put in front of his name.  We’re hearing that he’s also ‘undecided’ whether to sign this petition.  Considering it took 7 days and being publicly shamed by Berkley into distancing himself from Rush’s disgusting remarks, maybe Dean is recognizing the damage he’s inflicted on himself with Nevada women.  But no amount of damage control can change the fact that Heller voted just last week to restrict women’s access to health services like contraception and mammograms.