GOP Devoted to Sucking on Oil & Choking on Polluted Air

Here’s a “tale of two cities” – or two countries, actually. Germany and the United States. One country is preparing for a future in which their children will breathe clean air and lead the worlds economy – and the other is preparing for a future in which their children will choke on polluted air – and fall behind the rest of the world in the global economy. Can you guess which is which? Germany just announced a $260 billion investment in new energy – that’s 8% of their GDP – with a goal of getting 80% of their nation’s energy from wind and solar. This is the largest investment in energy that Germany has made since World War 2 – and they’re even making this investment right in the middle of the financial crisis sweeping Europe – because Germany “gets it.”

No nation in the history of the world has ever cut its way to prosperity – just look at Greece. So Germany knows that the only way to get out of this crisis – is to GROW their way out of it – to come out in the end of it a better, stronger, and wealthier nation – through government investments in the future. Germany is going to build offshore wind farms – covering an area six-times larger than the size of New York City. They’re going to put up thousands and thousands of miles in new power lines to modernize their energy grid – enough new smartgrid power lines that, if they were stretched out in a single line, would reach from London all the way to Baghdad. And, prompted by the Fukushima disaster in Japan last year – Germany is shutting down 17 nuclear reactors supplying about a fifth of all the electricity in their nation – and replacing those reactors with the wind farms and solar panels they’re now building.


One thought on “GOP Devoted to Sucking on Oil & Choking on Polluted Air

  1. Preston Sims March 21, 2012 / 8:35 pm

    The entire premise in this missive is absurd. Firstly, no one wants to have unclean air so the title is at best a reach and at worst a smear, secondly, what Germany is actually doing is condemning it’s citizens to numerous future brown outs and potential black outs given that solar and wind (while fantastic on an individual basis but not on a large scale) are not suited to power a massive power grid. Thirdly, Greece’s problem is that they began cutting far too late. You cannot sustain a nation in which nearly three quarters of the citizens are basically financial wards of the state.


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