Under Consideration on the Hill this Week

  • The Protecting Access to Healthcare (PATH) Act, which incorporates HR 5, the Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act, as reported by the Judiciary and Energy and Commerce Committees; and HR 452, the Medicare Decisions Accountability Act, as reported by the Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committees. (House vote this week.)
  • The Reopening American Capital Markets to Emerging Growth Companies Act (HR 3606): House-passed JOBS Act (Senate begins consideration.)
  • The OPTION (Offering Patients True Individualized Options Now) Act (HR 4224) fully repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, provides 100% deductibility for all health care expenses, including health insurance; increases contribution limits to Health Savings Accounts; moves Medicare to a premium assistance program; and allows consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines, according to the bill sponsor. (Just introduced.)
  • S 2210 provides that Members of Congress shall not receive a cost of living adjustment in pay during 2013. (Just introduced.)
  • S 2213 allows reciprocity for the carrying of certain concealed firearms. (Just introduced.)
  • HR 4225 requires schools to implement integrated pest management programs to minimize the use of pesticides in schools and provides parents, guardians, and employees with notice of the use of pesticides in schools. (Just introduced.)
  • HR 4221 creates jobs in the United States by increasing United States exports to Africa by at least 200 percent in real dollar value within 10 years. (Just introduced.)
  • The Restore our Neighborhoods Act (HR 4210) provides $4,000,000,000 in new funding through bonding to empower States to undertake significant residential and commercial structure demolition projects in urban and other targeted areas. (Just introduced.)
  • The Fisheries Investment and Regulatory Relief Act (HR 4208) provides exclusive funding to support fisheries and the communities that rely upon them, and clear unnecessary regulatory burdens and streamline Federal fisheries management. (Just introduced.)
  • The Contaminated Drywall Safety Act(HR 4212) designates drywall manufactured in China a banned hazardous product. (Just introduced.)
  • The Second Amendment Sovereignty Act (S 2205) prohibits funding to negotiate a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that restricts the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens. (Just introduced.)
  • The Women’s Procurement Program Improvement Act (HR 4203) amends the Small Business Act with respect to the procurement program for women-owned small business concerns. (Just introduced.)
  • HR 4204 requires certain warning labels to be placed on video games that are given certain ratings due to violent content. (Just introduced.)
  • HR 3992 allows otherwise eligible Israeli nationals to receive E-2 nonimmigrant visas if similarly situated United States nationals are eligible for similar nonimmigrant status in Israel. (Passed the House on March 19.)
  • The Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (S 2189) clarifies appropriate standards for Federal antidiscrimination and antiretaliation claims. (Just introduced.)
  • The Congressional and Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act (S 2195) requires Members and employees of Congress and other Federal employees who file under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to disclose delinquent tax liability. (Just introduced.)
  • The Fairness in Disclosure of Evidence Act (S 2197) requires the attorney for the Government to disclose favorable information to the defendant in criminal prosecutions brought by the U.S. (Just introduced.)
  • The Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act (S 2196) provides higher-quality, lower-cost health care to seniors. (Just introduced.)
  • American Energy and Job Promotion Act (S 2201) amends the tax code to extend the renewable energy credit. (Just introduced.)
  • The Commonsense Contractor Compensation Act (S 2198) implements common sense controls on the taxpayer-funded salaries of government contractors by limiting reimbursement for excessive compensation equal to the pay of the US President. (Just introduced.)
  • The Saving Family Farms Act (S 2200) amends the tax code to exempt certain family-owned farms and businesses from the estate tax. (Just introduced.)
  • HR 4200 amends the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to prohibit the Attorney General from administering or enforcing certain accessibility regulations relating to pools at public accommodations or provided by public entities. (Just introduced.)
  • HR 4197 extends the authority to provide loan guarantees to Israel. (Just introduced.)
  • The Jets for Vets Act (HR 4199) amends the tax code to close the corporate jet depreciation loophole and to increase the work opportunity tax credit for veterans. (Just introduced.)
  • The Servicemember Family Protection Act provides for the protection of child custody arrangements for parents who are members of the Armed Forces. (Just introduced.)
  • The Grand Canyon Tourism Jobs Projection Act (HR 4198) provides standards for determining whether the substantial restoration of the natural quiet and experience of the Grand Canyon National Park has been achieved and to clarify regulatory authority with respect to commercial air tours operating over the Park. (Just introduced.)
  • The Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act (HR 4078) provides that no agency may take any significant regulatory action until the unemployment rate is equal to or less than 6.0 percent (House Committee Markup Tues.)
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