NV Dems Respond to Sandoval Reluctantly Endorsing Mitt Romney

Las Vegas, NV – The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Governor Brian Sandoval’s endorsement of Mitt Romney today:

After all other alternatives were exhausted, Governor Sandoval reluctantly held his nose to endorse Mitt Romney.  It’s no wonder he took so long given Romney’s record of laying off workers to ship their jobs overseas, refusal to help families losing their homes and belief that Wall Street billionaires should pay a lower tax rate than teachers, police officers and janitors.”

And now that Sandoval has endorsed Romney – here are some questions Nevadans deserve answers from Sandoval:

  • Does Sandoval support Romney’s position that the foreclosure crisis needs to “hit the bottom?”
  • Does he support Romney’s position to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood and restrict women’s access to contraception?
  • Does he support allowing billionaires like Romney to pay a lower income tax rate than waitresses or housekeepers?
  • Does he support Romney’s pledge to veto the DREAM Act if elected?

Governor Sandoval, we await your reply.