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Calls on House Leadership To Bring Up Legislation For a Vote

LAS VEGAS – Today, Shelley Berkley, candidate for the United States Senate, issued the following statement in support of the Buffet Rule:

“It doesn’t make any sense for housekeepers, teachers, card dealers and police officers in Nevada to pay a higher tax rate than Wall Street millionaire bankers and hedge fund managers.  We need leaders in Washington who are going to side with middle-class families over those profiting from corporate special interests representing Big Oil companies making record profits, corporations shipping American jobs overseas and private insurance companies working to dismantle Medicare.  I call on the leadership in the House of Representatives to bring up the Buffet rule for a vote as soon as possible.”

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the Buffet rule on April 19, 2012.

Heller Supports Millionaires Paying Lower Tax Rates Than NV Teachers, Nurses

Heller comes out against Buffett Rule that ends special billionaire tax breaks

See the video here:

Las Vegas, NV – Last night, KLAS Las Vegas reported that Senator Dean Heller came out against the Buffett Rule, legislation that would end special tax breaks that allow millionaires and billionaires to pay lower tax rates than middle class families.

“In Dean Heller’s Nevada, Wall Street billionaires would continue to pay a lower tax rate than struggling teachers and nurses,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Once again Heller is demonstrating that he is siding with Wall Street billionaires, private insurance companies, and Big Oil companies making record profits  instead of Nevada’s middle-class families.”

Heller Steps in it AGAIN While Berkley Continues
“Prioritize Veterans” Tour in Reno

Windsock Heller touts new improvements at Reno VA Hospital that he voted to kill

Las Vegas, NV – As Shelley Berkley continues her “Prioritize Veterans” tour in Reno today, Senator Dean Heller again highlighted how out of touch he is with Nevada’s veterans.  KTVN in Reno reported last week that Heller toured the Reno VA Hospital and touted recent improvements to the facility.  Improvements that Heller – wait for it – voted to kill.

In 2009, Heller voted against legislation that provided over $5 million in funding to upgrade the quality of care at Reno’s VA Hospital – upgrades Heller praised last week.

KTVN went on to report that Heller said he has heard “nothing but positive comments” about the facility from veterans treated there.  We wonder how many positive comments he’s heard from Reno veterans about his vote to gut the hospital’s funding?

“While Shelley Berkley is traveling Nevada highlighting the need to prioritize veterans, Dean Heller is playing to the cameras and praising improvements to veterans healthcare he voted to gut,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “In contrast to Heller’s misplaced priorities of putting Wall Street corporations shipping American jobs overseas ahead of Nevada’s veterans, Shelley Berkley is fighting to improve veterans healthcare and create jobs for our returning heroes.”