BREAKING: Romney Campaign Caves After Being Called Out For Again Disregarding the Latino Community

For Immediate Release

July 6, 2012

Romney Declined Invitation To Address The Largest Latino Civil Rights And Advocacy Group In The Country; Caves After Being Called Out Over Repeatedly Disrespecting Latinos

Las Vegas, NV – We’ll bet you $10,000 this isn’t a coincidence.  After members of the Latino community held a press conference this morning calling out corporate layoff specialist Mitt Romney for once again disrespecting Latino families by declining an invitation to address the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy group in the nation, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported this afternoon that Romney has caved to pressure and is now sending a surrogate to the conference.  We’re guessing Romney saying he would veto the DREAM Act – he even called it a “handout” – won’t be in the surrogate’s talking points.   

“The fact Mitt Romney caved and agreed to send a surrogate to the conference only after he was called out over again disrespecting the Latino community only further highlights how out-of-touch he is with Latino families,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “Caving to pressure will not change Mitt Romney’s record of laying off workers and shipping their jobs overseas, his plans to cut education, or his opposition to the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform.  Nevada’s Latino community has a clear choice in this election between President Obama, who wants to move our country forward by creating jobs, working with Congress to pass immigration reform, and increasing funding for education, and Mitt Romney, who wants to take us back to the same failed pro-Wall Street, anti-middle class policies that have devastated Nevada families.”