Lest You Didn’t Know: What Obamacare Provides

  1. Insurance companies can no longer impose lifetime coverage limits on your insurance.
  2. The lifetime cap and annual cap will be sharply limited, and ultimately eliminated in 2014.
  3. Children with pre-existing conditions are covered.  (Frankly, I never really understood how a newborn could have a pre-existing condition when the mother was covered before becoming pregnant, and the mother was covered then entire time she was pregnant.  Thus the new born was covered from conception to birth, yet at birth has a pre-existing condition????  How is that possible?)
  4. A temporary program will help adults with pre-existing conditions get coverage.  It expires in 2014, when the health insurance exchanges come on-line.  Then, all are covered, pre-existing condition or not.
  5. Insurance companies are not permitted to drop you when you get sick.
  6. Children can elect to stay on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26.
  7. Senior citizens get $250 toward closing the “doughnut hole” in their prescription drug coverage.
  8. Medicare’s preventive benefits include a free visit to your primary care doctor every year to plan your preventive services.  No more co-pays for preventive services under Medicare.
  9. Small Businesses get BIG tax credits — up to 50% of the premium costs — for offering health insurance to their workers.
  10. Insurers with unusually high administrative costs have to offer rebates to their consumers if they fail to spend 80% of premiums collected on actual health care. Every insurance company has to reveal how much it spends on overhead (which contributes nothing to the actual health of those they insure).
  11. Free birth control and other preventive services for women, unless you work for a churches that oppose birth control.  And, in those circumstances, the insurance company itself, separate from the Church, will provide coverage for birth control at no cost to those women.

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