Romney Only Talks, Never Says Anything

By P. A. Triot

Neither the Republican Party nor its presumptive nominee for president, Mitt Romney, has put forth any plans for the future.

I’ve seen a TV ad or two from the Romney camp touting  something to the effect of, “I have a plan for America.”  Unfortunately, no one knows what that plan is.

Romney seems to think America was at its zenith in the 1920s when Calvin Coolidge  was president. Coolidge’s name doesn’t rush to the forefront of my mind when I think of great presidents.

He was affectionately known as “Silent Cal” because he kept his mouth shut most of the time. There was the story about one guy who came up to him one day and told the president that he bet a friend that he could get Coolidge to say more than two words. Coolidge  looked the man in the eye and said, “You lose.”

Mitt Romney in 2012 is no Calvin Coolidge—-not that Coolidge proposed any memorable agenda for the United States, but because Romney simply talks too much and says less than Coolidge.

If news reports are to be believed, Romney is going talk at us a lot more. He’s gathered millions—-maybe hundreds of millions—-of dollars to buy TV air time 24/7 up until the election.

With all those millions and millions of dollars, you’d think he would have something to say.

I quite frankly don’t believe that he has a plan for America’s future, he just talks.

I don’t believe his denials about being a bully as a teenager. He just talks.

I don’t believe he stepped down as CEO of Bain Capital in 1998 when documents submitted to the Security and Exchange Commission by 2002 by Bain listed him as CEO and the sole owner of Bain stock. I’ve heard him talk otherwise, but it’s just talk, nothing more.

That discrepancy in his biography belies his talk, in the form of denials, that he was responsible for Bain’s bullying companies that were taken over by Bain to sell off the profitable portions then fire all the employees while moving all the jobs to other countries.

All Romney’s talk then and now is nothing more than lies.

Neither Mitt Romney nor the GOP has any vision of America’s future. Romney has no vision of the future of health care. He has no plan on how to protect America from the too-big-to-fail banksters from repeating the economic calamity of 2007-08. He has no plan on foreign policy or in keeping America out of wars. No, he has no plan America’s future and he has no intension of making any plans. The Republican Party’s vision is an America without Barack Obama, a black man, as president.

Mitt Romney has all the makings of a first-class bungler who pretends he’s just one of the guys (who may be bunglers, but not in Romney’s league.

Mitt Romney isn’t one of the guys. He was born into a family that solidly fit into the 1 percent of Americans whose wealth kept them comfortably at the top of the heap of the 99 percent of Americans who are struggling to get by.

Proverbs 29:18 (King James version of the Holy Bible) reads: “Where there is no vision the people parish.”

Well, Romney has no vision, he only talks. Yes, he only talks but never says anything.

– Copyright 2011 by P. A. Triot. Copy and distribute at will, with proper attribution. P. A. Triot is a pen name of a retired journalist.