What’s Happening in Arizona is Outrageous

Thanks to a new law championed by Governor Jan Brewer, pregnant women with high-risk pregnancies may be forced to carry pregnancies to term even when it threatens their health and lives.

The New York Times is covering this story closely and says the law “prohibits abortions [earlier than] any state…weeks earlier than the threshold set by the Supreme Court.”

Even worse, the law includes zero exceptions to protect a woman’s life or health unless she has a life-threatening emergency.

Dr. Paul A. Isaacson, an Arizona OB-GYN and plaintiff in our lawsuit, says women seeking later abortions, “do so because they have received a diagnosis of a severe fetal anomaly during the course of a wanted pregnancy. Women, their families and their doctors should make these wrenching decisions, not the Legislature.”

With this lawsuit, we’re fighting to ensure that politicians cannot deprive women of their right to make these deeply personal choices on their own, and without government interference.

Tell Gov. Brewer to stop trampling on the constitutional rights of Arizona women.