NPP Voter Guides for the 2012 Election

Want to get beyond the spin to understand how Obama’s and Romney’s budget policies will affect YOU?

NPP is excited to release our comprehensive guide to the 2012 Election, from candidate comparisons to detailed budget fact sheets.

Take the time to review their comparison of the presidential candidates on 12 key issues, plus fact sheets with key background information on Medicare, Social Security, taxes, and more.

  • Voter Guide 2012: Obama and Romney on the Issues

    National Priorities Project compares the candidates on 12 key issues.

  • Fact Sheet: Education

    Did you know that education programs account for just 2 percent of federal spending? This one-pager explains the federal role in education and includes quotes on the issue from the presidential candidates.

  • Fact Sheet: Social Security

    Is Social Security in crisis or not? This one-pager covers the must-know facts and proposals from both presidential candidates.

  • Fact Sheet: Military Spending

    Is the military budget getting bigger or getting cut? This one-pager covers the hotly-debated status of military spending.

  • Fact Sheet: Federal Spending

    How big are budget deficits and what should be done?

  • Fact Sheet: Taxes

    Should tax rates go up or down, and for whom? This one-pager includes important but little-known facts about taxes and loopholes in the tax code, plus proposals from both presidential candidates.

  • Fact Sheet: Health Care

    Health care accounts for 24 percent of the federal budget. This one-pager covers the facts on growth in health spending and proposals from both presidential candidates.