Are You Better Off?

— by Justin Boone

Are we better off then we were 4 years ago? Of course… by any measure using remedial math and the reasoning of a 3rd grader. How dare people claiming to be business geniuses claim otherwise to gain our trust. The only people who are not better off than they were 4 years ago… are bigots and bullshitters.

At 700,000 jobs lost PER MONTH in January 2009, how many more months would it have taken before our country imploded … worse than the great depression? McCain had no new economic policies, and either does Mitt Romney today. It’s all the same revoltingly dishonest “job creator” bullshit indicated here in red. Systemically discredited. A national economic destruction. NOT an opinion. Just read a little bit. Their current policies, Romney & Ryan … are these same economic philosophies …  times 4.

And if even a few of the jobs bills Democrats had proposed in the last couple of years, had not been blocked by the Tea Party GOP, a couple million more jobs would be on record right now, according to any economist with a shred of dignity.

Our dignity, our honor … as a country … as well as our economy … is at stake in this election. Realities, as opposed to ideologies … show it’s not even close.


One thought on “Are You Better Off?

  1. Anne K. September 17, 2012 / 10:51 am

    Depends on what you mean “better off.” First, I think it is most important that the country is better off. As for me, I finally escaped living and working in Hell A (L.A.) for 35 years and moved to Fallon two years ago. That alone is more than enough proof that I am better off.


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