Republican’s Only Tactic for Fiscal Security—Rip Off the Less Fortunate

— Jim Ferrell, Nye County Democrats, Pahrump

Many citizens just don’t understand the urge by the Republican controlled House to give the poor people the shaft while twisting it when it comes to their earned benefits, (not entitlements as redefined by Republicans). Medicare and Social Security are not welfare benefits, as some Republicans would like you to believe. These programs were and are being funded by workers and their employers.

Not one dime of taxpayers’ money has gone into these funds. Social Security has enough left, $2.6 trillion, to last at least another 20 years and Medicare has something like 12 years left before it becomes insolvent. The future insolvency issue can easily be solved by merely extending the income level from $ 110,000. annual income to $ 200,000. or higher from which these benefits are paid. Instead of standing up and being responsible for government waste by requiring those who benefited most from government corruption, mostly the super rich. The Republicans want to steal from the poor so as to line the pockets of the rich.  Republicans are actively advocating cutting our ‘earned benefits’ — monies that came out of each paycheck we earned and which are held in trust.  Those monies held in trust belong to US—the middle class—not the government.

Republicans  insist that the rich should not have to sacrifice a thing.  However, they expect our seniors to sacrifice their security, and our young people to spill their blood or lose their lives in wars that profit corporations and the rich. In their minds, those are the only sacrifices that are necessary to resolve the entirety of our fiscal issues.  It’s the equivalent of pillaging the 98% to keep the monied 2% from having to make any sacrifices whatsoever for America.

The Social Security fund and the Medicare fund don’t have the money which we paid into them because our government has borrowed this money and spent it on such things like two undeclared and unfunded wars and an unfunded drug prescription program—all under former Republican President Bush. In fairness, it was not the Bush administration that started using the peoples’ trust fund money. It actually began with Eisenhower in 1957 when the Russians scared the wits out of us with their launching of Sputnik, and continued with Johnson’s war on poverty. The end result is that, now, all expenses are paid out of the general fund with Social Security and Medicare holding government IOUs, in the form of special issue government bonds, instead of cash.

The Republicans let the deficit get so huge under former Bush that now there is no stopping it from becoming even larger — unless we raise taxes on those who benefit from government waste and corruption. For example, Haliburton was on the verge of bankruptcy until Bush, Cheney, and Republicans lied to Americans about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, thus making Cheney a multi-millionaire and Haliburton rich with its no bid government contracts from the Republicans. A whole book could be written about the fat cats unfairly cashing in on taxpayers’ dollars —like the multi-billion dollar rip-off by pharmacy companies with no bid contracts for Medicare.  Plus, there’s all that corporate welfare going to health insurance companies, with all their fat CEOs and bloated bureaucracies. Billions upon billions could be saved by a simple single payer health plan, but that won’t happen — because it would prevent Republicans from feeding at the government trough.

To understand this better, let’s recap an example. John Doe started working at age 25. Our government with held $ 100,000 over 40 years and John’s employer also matched John’s contribution with another $ 100,000, totaling to $ 200,000. Our government had agreed to hold these funds in trust for John and give him a social security pension of at least $ 2,000.00 per month and medical care for the rest of John’s life. If John’s + millions of other citizens funds had been left in those trust funds as cash dollars, the social security fund alone would have 2.6 trillion dollars, plenty to continue giving John his $ 2,000. per month income, plus his medical coverage. But Democrats and Republicans took the trust money and spent it. Democrats spent it for social programs. Republicans wasted it on unfunded wars and government corruption. But, some Republican billionaires (along with a few Democrat billionaires) insist “we” with our promised pension benefits are bankrupting our government unless John, et. al., pony up and pay yet more toward medical costs.  In addition, the GOP believes that, to fix our fiscal dilemma  John’s social security income should be reduced to $ 1,500. per month, so that the super rich, including the crooks who stole from the taxpayers, wouldn’t be required to pay slightly higher taxes.

Unfortunately, most people will not take the time to do just a little research to understand the issues at hand. Republicans continue to not only protect the super rich, but at enabling them to continue to rip-off our citizens.

The 2010 elections should have taught us one thing — that uninformed voters vote against their own self interests. They watch Fox News which often distorts the truth and clearly promotes the Republican agenda.  Rupert Murdock is the owner of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. Fox News has never been recognized as an outstanding source of news that gives unbiased reporting, and in fact, has defended itself in court by claiming that it is not against the law for a news organization to lie — and they’ve won using that specific defense.

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “A democracy cannot stand unless its citizens are educated.”  Propaganda networks like Fox News, unfortunately, do not educate the citizens.  In the long run, their propaganda will actually harm America and Americans in general.