—Mayors Against Illegal Guns—Demand A Plan

Demand a Plan

— Stephen Barton, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

I was honored to be in the room when President Obama announced his plan to fix our broken gun laws. As I sat with other survivors and the families of victims of gun violence, I heard the president strongly endorse the common-sense reforms we’ve long been advocating for.

It was an incredible moment — for me, for my fellow survivors, and for our country. And it wouldn’t have happened without you.

Please take a minute to watch this short clip of the president’s speech and thank him for his leadership.

Watch and Thank the President

I never imagined gun violence would play a role in my life. But last summer I was in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado when a gunman opened fire and shot 70 people, including my friend and me.

Then, just a few months later and ten minutes from where I grew up, another mass shooting claimed 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
I joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns to do what I could to prevent tragedies like these from happening to other people.

I want to thank you for being part of this important work. If it weren’t for the coalition’s mayors and supporters like you, the president would never have been able to announce such an important plan to save lives.

But it’s going to take all of us working together to make that plan a reality.

Watch this short video of the president’s plan, and thank him for listening to our voices and responding with such strong leadership: