The State of the State and Legislator Contact Info

— by Marla Turner, NSDP Secretary

Last week, Governor Sandoval delivered his annual State of the State address. Not surprisingly, it was long on promises and short on funding for the things he promised. You can view the text of his speech. The governor’s budget also asks for tax hikes on the middle class. After his address, State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis gave the Democratic response View it here or read the text of his speech.

Legislator Contact Information
Last week I shared information on how a bill becomes a law and how to track its progress through the process. This week, I want to make sure you have all the contact information you need.

  • The 2013 Legislator section lists all the members of the legislature and their contact information including websites, Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also get updates on all their tweets by subscribing to TBN’s Twitter feed of Nevada representatives.
  • The Nevada Legislature’s website has a new tool that lets you contact your legislator about a specific bill. Check it out.
  • Another helpful tool is the Guide to Legislative Advocacy published by the League of Women Voters of Las Vegas Valley. I’m proud to say they’ve included The Blue Nevadans’ Dos and Don’t for contacting your legislator in that publication. The guide is a large file so give it a minute to download.

Final Preparations for 77th NV Legislative Session
As legislators prepare for opening day on February 4th, much work is going on behind the scenes. Both the Senate and the Assembly seating assignments have been made. Committee assignments have been announced and meetings are already underway.

But as we approach the day, a visit to the Nevada State Government’s organizational chart puts everything in perspective.You may be surprised to learn that the governor is not at the top.