ADVOCACY: Tell House Republicans—STOP Blocking VAWA

Sometimes it really seems like the House Republicans must be staying up nights, trying to think of ways to be bigger jerks.

Case in point, the Violence Against Women Act. Since it was passed in 1994, it has protected countless women across America from domestic violence by providing resources for local law enforcement to fight domestic abuse. A popular and effective program, it was reauthorized again and again without controversy.

And… House Republicans have refused to hold a vote to re-authorize it. Even though it passed in the Senate by a wide margin. Unbelievable (and yet, all too believable)

Take action, send a message, and tell House Republicans to allow a vote, and to re-authorize this critical program.  Send repeated tweets, leave a note on your Representative’s Facebook Page, send an email to your Representative, or sign the petition at LeftAction.


My Tweet:  @RepAmodei Unless you’ve had a 45 held to your head by a spouse, you cannot begin to appreciate the need for VAWA!  Reauthorize VAWA—NOW!