The Element of Surprise

Chris Kyle, one of the military’s most lethal snipers in history, was found dead on Saturday from a gunshot wound. He was discovered with another man, who was also killed. Kyle was the author of ‘American Sniper,’ a book that detailed his career in the Navy Seals from 1999 to 2009.

Kyle and Keith Ratliff, a famous weapons reviewer, were found at a shooting range in Glen Rose, Texas, called the Rough Creek Lodge. A suspect by the name of Eddie Ray Routh, an Iraqi war veteran, has already been arrested in the case. While authorities haven’t yet released a motive for the shootings, it appears to be a case of a mentally ill veteran who snapped.  According to the SOFREP website, he helped veterans with PTSD by taking them to gun ranges to help them deal with their own personal demons. Apparently, one of the men he was mentoring lost it and shot Kyle and the other man, stealing Kyle’s vehicle to try to escape from the range.

Chris Kyle had a long and celebrated career in the military as one of the most prolific and accurate gunmen, ever. He was an expert at firearm safety and use. He owned a business that trained police units.  He knew what to do in an emergency situation, but he still could not control a man with mental illness who turned a gun on him and killed him.

— Quote from Keith Olbermann

‎”The element of surprise. No matter how good you are w/a gun, the element of surprise does not prepare you to defend yourself. Much like the shootings in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, etc. And just recently in Texas last night. Keith Ratliff and Chris Kyle, both experts w/a gun, couldn’t save them from being murdered by the very weapons they lived to die for and defend. None of it makes sense. 

Keith was shot dead in his car. Chris was shot dead at a gun range. Both experts w/guns. Both staunch supporters of the NRA. Guns kill period! What did both Keith and Chris do wrong, that cost them their lives? ‘Ignorance.’ The lack of understanding that no matter how good you are in target shooting or on the battle field  …  ‘the element of surprise’ is YOUR enemy.”

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