Path to Poverty v3.0

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) released his budget Tuesday, the Path to Prosperity. The document (which does not include the actual budget figures) is the third that the former vice-presidential candidate has unveiled. Actual budget numbers (gleaned from a call to the budget committee office) aren’t yet available and won’t be until the markup is finished.  They’ll be starting on that today and should have it finished by later this week or first of next week.  That’s when we’ll see the HR bill with actual numbers.

Read the full text (click on the graphic):

Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” version 2.0 budget from last year didn’t achieve balance until around 2040, but then, that patch didn’t include any tax hikes. That version proposed to cut the top tax rate to 25 percent, while eliminating a number of prominent tax credits and deductions.  Version 3.0 STILL proposes to cut the top tax rate to 25%, in a sense, restoring and bettering the Bush tax cuts for billionaires.  Plus, it’s yet one more attempt to kill the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and to voucherize Medicare, a program to which we’ve all contributed throughout our working lives in anticipation of receiving healthcare assistance during our retirement years.

Will post the actual numbers as they become available