This Week on the Hill …

It’s budget week in Congress!  The House will most likely end up passing the budget proposed by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

In the House

  • The Ryan Budget: Reduces the deficit by $5.7 trillion over ten years than the current baseline, and cuts individual and corporate taxes. It also repeals the 2010 healthcare law. –

    Republicans in the House will most likely end up passing Ryan’s Path to Poverty version 3.0 budget. Before approving Ryan’s budget, however, the House is expected to vote on a few other budget alternatives. Republican Leadership in the House will determine which other budgets upon which they’ll allow debate early in the week.  Typically, the majority party will allow votes on budgets from the minority party (in this case, the Democrats), the Progressive Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus and the Republican Study Committee.

In the Senate

  • The Senate Budget for FY 2014: The Senate is hoping to start work on a Democratic budget that reduces the deficit by about $700 billion over ten years compared to the current baseline. It also increases revenues by nearly $1 trillion, which has drawn fierce opposition from Senate Republicans. –
  • The Continuing Resolution: Before the Senate can start on the budget, however, it will first look to pass a continuing spending resolution for 2013. The Senate started work on its version of the resolution, which is based on the House-passed HR 933, but still needs to work out a deal on dozens of remaining amendments.