Painful …

— by Steven Horsford

Today, the House Republicans jammed the Ryan Republican Budget through Congress. They call it a “path to prosperity,” but really it is just a “path to pain.”

That’s right, this budget will be painful for America’s middle class families. It will hurt our children. It will devastate our seniors. It is not a solution.

I came to Washington to work with Democrats and Republicans to create common sense solutions to our nation’s budget problems. But balancing our budget, without cutting our deficit, on the back of our families is not common sense. It is harmful, painful and irresponsible.

We cannot afford the cuts that Paul Ryan and the Republicans are pushing. The Ryan Republican Budget will cut nearly two million jobs in the next year alone. It will end Medicare as we know it for the next generation of Nevada seniors and it will stall our nation’s economic growth by 1.7 percent.

Nevada is on the path to recovery, but cutting jobs and slowing growth will only set us back.