Marriage Is Not Just a Religious Rite—It’s Contract Law

While reading my wall in Facebook this morning, I came across this salient point … 

— Sarah Wood/Opinionated Democrat

“Marriage is a contract. It’s contract law. There are rights which are being granted to some and not others based on bigotry alone. That’s it. All other arguments are invalid. First it was interracial marriage (which I can guarantee you if it were still left to the states, several wouldn’t allow it), and now same-sex marriage. It’s about equality — marriage equality. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with a contract granted by the state with benefits given to some but prohibits others from obtaining them. Procreation? Seriously? From the same group of people who tell us rape babies are God’s gift? Give me a break. It’s bigoted and illegal. Tax paying citizens are being punished for being who they are, and are not being represented equally.”