GOP: “Just Enforce Existing Laws”

Really?  And just exactly which laws might that be?

  • Gun Show laws that allow people who are listed on the terrorist “No Fly List” to go to a gun show and buy as many guns as they want as an entirely legal transactions?
  • Gun Show laws that allow someone convicted of armed robbery to buy, without a background check, as many guns as they want from a gun show.

Most people think the background check law for gun sales already cover these types of sales and that you already have to undergo a background check when buying a gun at a gun show.  That’s smply NOT the case, and merely enforcing existing laws will do absolutely nothing to close that 40% of gun sales loophole for criminals, the insane and even terrorists who seek to obtain some serious firepower to reek havoc on the peoples of our nation. Check out the clip above to see Colbert respond to extreme gun rights defenders.

Two different polls by two different polling firms found 86% of Nevadans support closing these background check loopholes. That level of support is rare for any policy issue, let alone on something purportedly controversial like guns, but we see it on background checks because both conservatives and progressives know it’s the right thing to do. But to make a difference you have to act now.