TAKE ACTION: Senator, Confirm McCarthy At The EPA

President Obama has nominated Gina McCarthy to serve as the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our nation’s protector of clean air, clean water, and public health. She is a solid choice for the job.

Gina McCarthy has a long and respected career working in a bipartisan fashion to protect our environment. She has worked at the state level for Republican governors and served as assistant administrator at the EPA during the first term of the Obama administration.

In May, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted along party lines in favor of McCarthy for this position after an initial boycott of the proceedings by Republicans. Now, still other Republican members are stonewalling, placing holds on the nomination and keeping the full Senate from voting for McCarthy to take the helm at the EPA.

Many important issues remain unfinished at the EPA:

•  Carbon limits need to be set for new and existing power plants.
•  Coal ash needs to be regulated as the toxic pollution it is.
•  Protections must be restored for every American waterway.

But, first the Senate must vote to confirm her.

Please take action by encouraging your senator to vote to confirm Gina McCarthy.