It’s Time to Confirm Gina McCarthy at EPA

Just two weeks ago, President Obama delivered a landmark speech where he outlined what his administration will do to make good on his promise to place climate change at the top of his second-term agenda. It was a call to action for his administration and for the nation, but he also reminded us that the Senate has a part to play:

“The woman that I’ve chosen to head up the EPA, Gina McCarthy, she’s worked — (applause) — she’s terrific. Gina has worked for the EPA in my administration, but she’s also worked for five Republican governors. She’s got a long track record of working with industry and business leaders to forge common-sense solutions. Unfortunately, she’s being held up in the Senate… The Senate should confirm her without any further obstruction or delay.”   —  President Obama, June 25, 2013

The cornerstone of the president’s climate plan is a new set of EPA safeguards against climate-disrupting carbon emissions from coal plants. The best way to make sure those protections are put into place quickly is to make sure the EPA is fully staffed and ready to get to work.

And that’s not all. The EPA is also considering historic protections against coal waste in our water, along with other safeguards to protect our air, water, and communities from big polluters. They’ll also advise the president as he decides whether or not to approve the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline.

It’s a lot to take on, but with her long track record and results-oriented approach, there’s no doubt that Gina McCarthy can hit the ground running. She’s ready to shoulder these responsibilities. Are your senators ready to shoulder theirs?

From historic new fuel efficiency standards that save us money at the pump to life-saving safeguards against soot, mercury and other toxics, Gina McCarthy has been on the front lines of our most critical public health battles. She has proven that she has what it takes to stand up for clean air, safe water, and the health of our communities.

Has some Republican placed a “secret hold” on her confirmation?  Is the Republican Minority mounting plans to filibuster her confirmation?  Is Senator Reid finally going to find some intestinal fortitude to FIX THE FILIBUSTER problem in the Senate?

It’s time for action.  Please take the time to write, email or call Senator Reid and Senator Heller:


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