The Senate Finally Confirmed EPA Chief

This Senate’s confirmation of Gina McCarthy to lead the Environmental Protection Agency means that, finally, after months of political obstruction by the Congressional friends of big polluters, we have a new administrator to deliver the public health and environmental protections that we all deserve.  Senator Reid may have voted for her confirmation, but Senator Heller voted NAY (Vote 180) because he’s an “outdoorsman” and apparently believes Ms. McCarthy just might impact his ability to allow his big polluter, anti-climate benefactors to reak havoc on our environment.

I called his office and I also wrote to Senator Heller asking him to support Gina McCarthy’s nomination to lead the EPA, and in response his office apparently had some sort of “hiccup” on July 10th … and they mailed me four identical response letters with political speak blowing me off.  So, Mr. Heller, here’s the deal.  You have clearly voted against my wishes each and every time I’ve contacted your office.  Thus, YOU clearly do not represent me.  So, at your next election, when your name is on the ballot, I’ll be voting “NAY” for you by voting for “the other guy.”


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