Part-Time Employment Opportunities: ACA Enrollment Assister

Unemployed? Willing to work a temp job helping folks enroll in the new Healthcare Exchanges?
Apply here:

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Nevada’s Health Reform Implementation Structure:

Nevada has begun planning for health care reform by creating two separate teams to review the  legislation, ensure coordinated planning and implementation efforts are conducted throughout state government and provide high-level policy advice to the Governor:

Led by DHHS Director Mike Willden, this is a policy-level panel tasked with monitoring major health reform issues and decision points, providing the Governor with regular updates, and developing comprehensive recommendations.

Overseen by Medicaid Administrator Charles Duarte, this work group is responsible for conducting in-depth analyses of the new Health Reform legislation, focusing on how it will affect state Medicaid policies and procedures. The work group has established several Subcommitteesaround specific subject areas.