Start your own CREDO-style campaign

One year ago, CREDO decided to try something different. In January 2013, they beta launched — a digital campaign platform designed to put the power of grassroots organizing directly into the hands of folks like you.

The thinking behind the platform was based on a simple assumption: By providing CREDO’s millions of activists with digital campaign tools and hands-on help from CREDO staff, they’d be able to execute and win more campaigns for progressive change all around the country.  The results to date have been amazing! Together, in the past year, much has been accomplished. Thousands of progressive activist-led campaigns have generated more than 6 million petition signatures, leading to dozens of campaign victories nationwide.

Here are some highlights of what we have accomplished together in the past year on

  • Thousands of CREDO activists have launched petitions — generating more than 6 million petition signatures on campaigns fighting to protect workers’ rights and holding big polluters accountable, among other issues.
  • Several of the most progressive U.S. senators and members of Congress — including Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Jeff Merkley, Rep. Barbara Lee and Rep. Keith Ellison — have launched their own petitions.
  • Major media outlets including United Press International, the Washington Post,, the Huffington Post, CNN Money and the Guardian have cited and linked to petitions.
  • CREDO activists have won dozens of campaigns with CREDO Mobilize petitions, ranging from pressuring Pennsylvania Governor Corbett to stop withholding money from public schools to stopping the FEC from allowing the Tea Party Leadership Fund to hide its donors and expenditures.

While there have been many successes, work is only beginning. CREDO’s hoping you will build on this momentum by running your own campaign to fight for progressive change. Launching a petition on gives you the power to run a hard-hitting campaign that advances progressive priorities or holds politicians, corporations and public figures accountable for supporting regressive policies.


By launching a campaign that explains an issue clearly, provides adequate context and background information, and takes a strong stand to fight for progressive values, you can use to build your own base and grow a movement.

Ready to get started? Click here to launch your petition now.