SOTU Fact Check Alert

 The official Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union — delivered on national television to millions of people — by Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rogers centered around a FAKE Obamacare horror story.

That’s right, the story that Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers told to the nation about “Bette in Spokane” facing a premium increase of “nearly $700” under the Affordable Care Act was a lie. This comes after a long string of false Obamacare horror stories from John Boehner and his Republican cronies.

We can’t continue letting these House Republicans get away with blatantly misleading the American people. Here’s the facts on McMorris-Rogers’s tall tale in her State of the Union response:

  • The Spokesman Review reported that “Bette in Spokane” was not forced to pay $700 more a month.
  • In fact, she had other, cheaper health care options available in Washington through the health exchanges — she simply chose not to avail herself of those options.
  • Bette never spoke with McMorris Rodgers’s office to tell the whole story.

When Republicans in Congress mislead the American people, it’s up to us to call them out and demand they set the record straight.

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