Hillary for Nevada Launches #EveryNevadan Campaign

Hillary4NVIn preparation for the Nevada Caucus next February 20th, the Hillary for Nevada campaign is traveling across the state to earn every vote and listen to every community. Part of not taking any vote for granted means reaching out, getting feedback, and building a campaign that looks like Nevada.

That’s why 5 staffers from our team campaign are taking a 6-day, 1250-mile road trip across the Silver State: we want to elevate as many Nevada voices as possible in this campaign. Like Hillary has said, this campaign team is not about her or us, it’s about you, your family, and making sure you can get ahead and stay ahead.

So far, we have heard from voters in Ely, Elko, Winnemucca, Fernley, and Fallon. And we still have plenty of stops left as we travel through every county. At each grassroots organizing meeting we have been greeted enthusiastically by supporters; there is a clear desire in rural and northern Nevada to engage on issues that are critical to the livelihood of communities.

Rural issues in Nevada (and across the country) are unique. And far too often, those issues aren’t given the attention they deserve. But we’re listening. Whether it’s improving mental health care, fighting drug and substance abuse, or increasing access to education and good-paying jobs, we are here to make your voices heard and work with you.

Going forward, Hillary has laid out Four Fights: building an economy for tomorrow, strengthening families and communities, defending America and our core values, and revitalizing our democracy. She has talked about the central economic challenge of our time: ensuring middle class wages rise strongly and steadily along the record corporate profits we have seen. She has stressed the importance of investing in our children and their education. And she has talked about the need to ensure we protect our right to vote.

We know there are pockets of voters across the state who will become leaders in this campaign. Many have been engaged in Democratic politics for years or decades. These are just some of the Nevadans we met and look forward to working with as the Caucus approaches.



We are committed to having an organizing presence in every community and working on the ground with supporters for a successful Caucus Day.

To find out more information about our campaign visit our website (hillaryclinton.com/Nevada), follow us on Twitter (@HillaryforNV) or like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HillaryforNV).