OFA Wednesday Policy Briefing

— an invitation from Stephanie Cutter

Every Wednesday, OFA hosts a policy briefing to make sure you’re up to date on the issues and ready to fight for the President’s agenda in your community.

Tonight, we’ll be talking further about the sequester — and we’ll be joined by special guest Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. Mayor Rybak will break down what these devastating automatic spending cuts mean at a local level, and why Congress needs to act on a balanced approach to the budget.

After he chats with us, OFA staff will talk through how you can take action over the next few weeks.  You can even email questions@barackobama.com with any questions you have during the livestream.

Bookmark this page and join us here tonight, Wednesday, March 6th, at 8:00 p.m. EST (5:00 PM PST) for the livestream:


Report to NSDP Central Cmtee Members

Welcome to May and just 2 days until early voting and 166 days until the General Election.

Since our Central Meeting in Carson City we have been very busy planning for the NSDP State Convention in Las Vegas June 9-10. We are expecting a lot of excitement at the convention and are excited to have Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as our keynote speaker.

In April I traveled to Charlotte, NC the site of the DNC Convention in September. We toured the convention center and areas around Charlotte. The city is preparing for a great convention. While there I also visited our assigned hotel, which is the Hilton Garden Inn just across the street from the convention center. At our DNC Executive Committee meeting the board voted to approve the Credentials Committee and Rules Committee appointments of our Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Nevada won again as Assemblywoman Lucy Flores was appointed co-vice chair of Credentials and Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz was appointed to the Rules Committee.

I will visit Charlotte again in July for the State Chairs meeting. I will be insuring arrangements for the Nevada Delegation are in order for our visit in September.

During the past few months I have been given the honor to speak at OFA Office openings in Southern Nevada. It is great to see the excitement! I have also attended many candidate events and walked in the Helldorado parade for Shelley Berkley.

I have started having monthly conference calls with our elected Leadership Team, Vice Chair James Brown, 1st Vice Chair Theresa Navarro, Secretary Marla Turner, Treasurer Jan Churchill, Parliamentarian JoEtta Brown and Executive Director Zach Zaragoza. The Rules and Bylaws Committee worked tirelessly to write Election and Convention Rules.

The Executive Committee had a conference call to approve the Election Rules.
Thank you for all that you do to move our party forward! As always I am available to answer any questions you might have. My cell is 702.767.5332 or you can reach me via e-mail at chair@nvdems.com

Roberta Lange

Legal Maximum Donation is $78,500?

Mitt Romney is already selling tickets to his “Presidential Inaugural retreat.” In case you think I’m kidding, I’ve included the letter from Romney’s campaign to big donors.

Yesterday, at a private fundraising event, he said the Department of Housing and Urban Development “might not be around.” And the Department of Education would, at the least, be “a heck of a lot smaller” such that you could probably fit it inside a thimble.  Cut education for children and put struggling veterans back on the streets? No wonder he’s not sharing the details with the American public.  He claims to want to “lead” this nation … but he’s unwilling to share his super-secret plans for America … that is, unless you’re one of his high-dollar donors.  The only thing he’s shared with the general public thus far is that he wants to repeal “Obamacare” and he endorses Rep. Paul Ryan’s Path to Poverty budget that would turn Medicare into a declining value voucher system, turn Medicaid into a block grant program, and pretty much gut that safety net that Romney’s “not worried about.”

As Democrats, we don’t believe in that kind of politics. We’re fighting to re-elect President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket who will keep fighting for the middle class.

Given what Mr. Romney told his high-dollar donors in Florida this week, we can only imagine what Romney would tell his high-dollar donors at his “Presidential Inaugural retreat.”  It might be considered wonderful news for them, but you could probably safely bet your last dollar it won’t be good news for the vast numbers of ordinary Americans.  And if you’re a woman, well … the writing is already on the wall as to what the GOP thinks about us and the envy they’ve displayed in regulating our bodily functions.  All one needs to do is look at the bills GOP-dominated legislatures are passing in Arizona (where women are now considered pregnant before they’re pregnant and where women of child-bearing age are subject to monthly sonograms to ensure that each and every fetus is brought to full term) and in Wisconsin (where they’ve now repealed equal pay for equal work law at the state level).

Help us make sure the GOP is denied the Presidency as well as majorities in either house of Congress by supporting President Obama and down-ticket Democrats.  If you can’t afford to make a donation to the Obama Campaign, but you have some shoe-leather to walk door-to-door, or you’re willing to work a phone bank, we can use your help as the fall campaign unfolds.  Check out our Contacts list and get in touch with a representative from your County.


From: Richard Stormont

Subject: Governor Romney for President

this is very important for the future of our country. Please read it to the end.

The campaign is now moving into its next phase with the formation of “Romney Victory.” This is a joint fundraising committee established between Romney for President, the RNC and a number of battleground fund states. Romney Victory will make it easy for a donor to make one contribution to fund various committees focused on the election. The legal maximum that an individual can donate to Romney Victory is $75,800. The campaign is asking people who are able to make a $50,000 contribution to do so today and become a “Founding Member” of Romney Victory. These donors will be invited to a special retreat with Governor Romney in late June in California and will have preferred status at the first Presidential Inaugural retreat as well as yet to be determined access at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.

As for our Georgia efforts, Governor Romney will be returning to Atlanta on June 11th to participate in two Romney Victory fundraising events.

The first event will be a reception which will be 1K per person/2K per couple to attend and 10K per couple to get a photo with Governor Romney. 10K represents a maxed out couple, giving $2500 each to both the primary and general election. Please keep in mind that while we are now accepting general election funds, we are still raising primary dollars. Contributions made to Romney Victory will first go toward the primary election account and then once an individual has reached their $2500 limit, the general election account. We are forming a host committee for this event, asking each host to raise 25K. There will be a private reception for the host committee with the Governor prior to the event.

The second event on the 11th will be a private dinner at a home in Buckhead that is being co-chaired by Tom Bell, Fred Cooper, Bernie Marcus and Jeffrey Sprecher. This dinner will be for “Founding Members” of Romney Victory who contribute 50K.

On April 27th, Spencer Zwick, Governor Romney’s national finance chairman, will be in Atlanta to participate in a lunch with the host committee and co-chairs for the June 11th events.

We have two months to make the June 11th events a success and I am confident that we can do it.

We know there have been a number of people who have been standing on the sidelines waiting for a nominee to be selected. It is now clear who the nominee will be and we will be making every effort to reach out to all those who have yet to give as well as those who previously supported another candidate. We now all need to unify in our efforts to retire President OBAMA in November.

Please let me know that you will be participating in this critical phase of the future of our country. I would like to request that you take a moment and reply back to me as soon as possible as to whether you would like to serve on the Host Committee for the June 11th reception and/or if you are interested in participating in the private dinner on June 11th?

The future of our country is at stake.

Do You Need to Register to Vote?

Registering to vote in Nevada just got easier. Now you can do it from any touch screen device, like an iPad or smart phone.

You can stop hunting for voter registration forms, pens, or stamps — or looking for that mailing address for the County Board of Elections.

Instead, just swing by this handy new site that will help you register. You’ll be able to enter your email address and send yourself a link to an online voter registration form that you can sign using your touch screen. And a couple of weeks later, you’ll get your voter registration card in the mail. It’s that easy, and that fast.

Try it out now — then ask five of your friends who live in Nevada to do the same.

November is going to come fast. If you aren’t registered — or if you have moved and need to update your registration — do it now so you’re ready to go on Election Day.

And don’t let your friends who live in Nevada forget to register or think that they can just wait until tomorrow — make sure they register with you.

We made it easy for you to send the form along to people you know after you register. And you can share the site on Facebook and Twitter, too. It only takes a couple of seconds, but registering voters is one of the most important things we can do right now.

So don’t wait — get registered today:


Keeping the Pressure on Congress to Pass the President’s Jobs Plan

— by James Kvaal, Policy Director, Obama for America

I’d like to share a video with you. It features Mike McCarry, a 59-year-old veteran who juggles two jobs to make ends meet.

Mike talks about the veterans portion of President Obama’s jobs plan — the piece that Congress passed earlier this month thanks in part to your work, and that the President signed into law today.

But the fight for American jobs continues, and many in Congress — including almost every single Republican — still refuse to do the right thing for teachers, cops, firefighters, and middle-class families like they did for our vets.

It can be easy to get discouraged when members of Congress put party before people and block legislation that would help American families.

But you didn’t let up in the fight for our veterans’ future. The bill that went to the President’s desk for his signature today — which provides tax credits for small businesses that hire unemployed veterans — is proof that Congress can still come together and act when Americans demand it.

Here’s what’s next:  After Thanksgiving, the Senate will vote on extending President Obama’s payroll tax cut, which puts $1,500 in the pockets of the typical middle-class family.

It’s the provision that Mitt Romney called a “little band-aid.” But $1,500 wouldn’t be a band-aid for me or Mike McCarry — and probably not for you either.

Our job right now is to make sure Congress does the right thing again.

Share this video with friends and family and encourage them to keep the pressure on.