OFA Call with Ben LaBolt

On Tuesday, November 1st, please join other political leaders on a briefing call with OFA Press Secretary Ben LaBolt. Ben will be discussing the President’s plan to fight for jobs for middle-class Americans.

When it comes to solving the problems Americans are facing, we can’t wait. Just last week, the President took executive action to help families avoid foreclosure, help veterans find jobs after returning home, and help recent graduates better manage the burdens of student loan debt.

This call will be a chance for you to hear more about the President’s vision and how you can help.

To join, please RSVP here. Here are the details:

What: Strategy and messaging conference call with OFA Press Secretary Ben LaBolt

When: 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Where: On the phone. RSVP for the call-in information.

The fight for jobs and for the middle class is a big part of what we stand for as a campaign and as a movement, so this should be a great discussion.

I hope you can make it. Reserve your spot here — and we’ll send you the number and passcode to use on Tuesday.

Katherine Archuleta
National Political Director

OFA Update: 8/16/2011

We are looking for testimonials from Latino’s who have benefited from the President’s, who want to share their story publicly for the campaign:

  • Job training programs
  • Small business owners that have benefited from SBA assistance programs
  • Students that have benefited from our work in community colleges or Pell grants
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIP)

If you or anyone you know that fits the profile please let me know asap by sending me name, phone/email, and which profile they fit.

Special thanks to Assemblywoman Lucy Flores who was a guest speaker at our women-to-women phone bank last week.

Attached you’ll also find the following two documents:

  1. President’s accomplishment in the form of index cards
  2. Women’s Health TPs


Fall Fellowship Program

Help build out our operation in the states by spreading the word about our Fall Fellowship Program or passing the information along to someone who would make a great organizer: http://OFA.BO/uS6RDp.

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  • Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, women can now receive preventive care without additional costs.
  • Last week, the Obama administration announced historic new guidelines that ensure that women can receive a wide range of preventative health services at no additional cost. This means fewer women will have to make a choice between their physical and financial health.  Click here to learn more: http://OFA.BO/dJxsxz

Michigan receives a presidential visit



  • New DNC Video released on Thursday: “GOP 2012: Pledging Allegiance to the Tea Party”. Watch it here.


Attached are a set of the President’s accomplishment in the form of index cards.  Please use/distribute these as you see fit.